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First Choice Genetics offers three Maternal genetic lines:

Purebred York;

Purebred Landrace;   

and York+Landrace F1 gilts.

At FCG we can tailor any program to fit your hog operation through in-house multiplication or F1 gilt purchases. FCG females produce large uniform litters with high birth weight and strong vigorous offspring. FCG females have an excellent appetite with high lactation feed intake, fast return to estrus and the milking ability to wean heavy piglets, resulting in a good start to reach market weight sooner. First Choice females are highly selected to produce a strong, viable pig with high birth weight. The sow contributes half of the market hog’s progeny; therefore, a lot of emphasis is put on our Maternal program for more full-value pigs, fast growth, lean gain efficiency and survivability. Each Maternal purebred is tested for age. They are ultrasound tested for back fat, loin depth, loin area, shape of loin, and % lean, and screened for marbling. If you are in need of a sound and well-balanced Maternal program, the FCG sow line will add value from birth to market. Adding our Terminal Duroc line to this female will establish more profit potential within any modern production system. Put the total FCG program to the test and add value to your bottom line.


F1 Gilts, York x Landrace cross. 

  FCG Maternal F1 Barrows and Gilts in a 700 head Auto-sort group. FCG York Boar

FCG York Sow nursing 16 piglets.