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At First Choice Genetics health and biosecurity is priority, we have gone tremendous lengths to create, develop and monitor our Multiplication barn in a effort to be responsible in selling you a healthy animal.

Our delivery trucks and trailers are washed and disinfected at each farm where hogs are unloaded.

When the trucks return to our farm, they are parked in our wash bay which is heated at 30°C to kill any disease that may be present. The trucks are then disinfected again and the trailers are fan-dried.

We are not located near other hog farms or near roads used to transport other hogs to market. This helps us to maintain great health integrity, and to ensure a great health status that will add value to your hog production system.

We are Mycoplasma and Prrs negative. For further information regarding health status, please contact us and we will arrange for a vet to vet to be completed by our herd veterinarian.


Truck Wash Bay

Truck Wash Bay