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First Choice Genetics – Hog Genetic Supplier

Welcome to First Choice Genetics. We are a purebred seed-stock supplier located near Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

We are passionate about raising pigs, and committed to producing a product that will add value and achieve profit potential for our customers.

We take a “hands on” approach with our animals paying close attention to detail. We have spent many years refining our genetics and adopting the latest in ultrasound technologies, studying performance data, analyzing markets, and consulting with industry experts.

The boars and gilts produced by First Choice Genetics excel in performance by increasing your end product value. We will assist you to tailor a breeding program that best fits your operation.

We offer three genetic lines: Purebred Duroc as our Terminal sire; Purebred York and Purebred Landrace are our maternal lines. York-Landrace cross F1 Gilts are also available, as is semen at several AI centers.

If we can be of assistance to you as you make genetic decisions in your hog production system, please call, email, or come visit us at the farm.


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